Every website needs web hosting, but how much do you really know about it? This article tells you about how to choose a web hosting company and what factors to keep in mind while doing so.

  1. Looking at only big brands - Brand seems to have magic power in marketing. But in term of delivering value in web hosting, it doesn’t mean a thing! Instead, it might be a bad sign when they are too big and cannot maintain the quality. For example GoDaddy, they are the top domain registrant, but are they a good host provider? I doubt it.

  3. First timer do not know what they want/ need - Exactly! You just know that you want to build a website, you don’t know what you need and how’d you do it. So to play safe, you get a host with everything! Of cause you will be paying more than you need! A typical type of overpaying.

  5. Too many options in the market - There are over 1,000 web host providers in the industry and everyone looks the same. You are too confused and tired and ended up with an average host that is obviously not the best deal.

So to avoid falling into the statistic, you need to equip yourself a bit. After all, getting a web hosting deal is being smart…


4 thing you MUST have to get the service you deserve!

  1. Know Your Hosting Needs
    You must have known what you are building – an e-commerce, an online store, a hobby blog, a community forum or all at once – and how big you are targeting it to be – for example you plan to have over 2,000 pages. And what are you going to offer to your visitor? A 24×7 VoIP support? Live chat? A secured environment to complete transaction? These info directly reflect the features you need – whether you need a WordPress installer, a shopping cart, PayPal integration, HTML5, amount of disk space, bandwidth, a VoIP phone number etc.Just for your info, 85% of the people need only a shared hosting. Don’t get confused by all the web hosting options. If you’re not sure, pick a host that has wide range of product but start with the shared host and upgrade it later.

  3. Data of the past record of the host
    Data like uptime performance is rather crucial. Although the past doesn’t mean future it remains as a good indicator. In this case 99% of uptime is a minimum requirement! There are many host review sites, including this one are tracking the uptime of host. Look for the report.

  5. Able to differentiate a fake or genuine review
    As a human nature, it’s very rare that people talk good about something. Most people, myself included will try to tell the whole world how bad a product is when treated badly but in another hand we will only keep it to ourselves when come across something that is really good. Weird isn’t it? Being said, don’t panic and rush for conclusion when you see 100 negative and only 1 positive comments. You may miss out the truth. Learn to justify the reviews as everyone has different tolerance as well as hosting needs. Also when you see too many positive reviews, do learn to check if they are genuine. There are too many fake reviews around for the sake of earning your business/ commission! You don’t know who is behind the review. So be smart to justify.

  7. Be smart and look for discount
    Web hosting providers do promotions from time to time. There are a few big date where great discounts go wild. For example date like 1st of July, Black Friday etc. Other than that, there are also exclusive discount offered to certain website’s readers (depending on how good is the relationship between the website and the host). For example, you can get a 25% discount on InMotion hosting through us; and from time to time $1.89 for iPage host. So the point here is, check us out and notice the special yellow bar on top. We’ll be posting good deal there.

Yes it is indeed easy. Just remember the 4 steps above: know your needs, pick a host with good uptime performance, look into their review and justify it and lastly pay half of the price for the host! 

P.S. If you need my personal recommendation, do drop me an email together with your web hosting needs to bogdan [at] whquestions [dot] org.

Posted on June 3, 2014 @ 11:22 by Bogdan Spataru


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