Hi. I need to find the best web hosting provider (a Linux hosting provider) for my business website.

It should at least have the following features:
- at least 200 GB of storage space
- at least 500 GB of transfer per month
- free domain name registration would be nice
- however, I must be able to own my own domain name
- they must have multiple connections to the internet
- a promise of at least 99.5% uptime
- 24/7 customer service and support by phone
- finally, they must be reputable. If they have testimonials on their site, each one should have a working link to the website of the individual because, by definition these happy customers should all have real web sites. Any indications you can give me that the provider is trustworthy would be appreciated.

The most I am willing to pay per month is $10 dollars, so exclude any providers that charge more than that.

What I am looking for is a short list of possible options to choose from. They should each be accompanied by a breif description (i.e. price, space, transfer, features, evidence of reputability etc.), and should be ranked according to the degree to which (in your opinion) they meet or exceed my specifications.

Also, any evidence you can provide to support the fact that the providers you list are really the best available would be appreciated also.

Thank you!