How to get the Best Hosting Company?

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1. Explain a Web Hosting Reviews. A company that owns dedicated servers where they list and host web pages of their members is known as a web hosting company. Hosting companies have services such as c-panel, e-mail, security functions, website building tools, SSL certificates and more. 2. How does a hosting company help? The hosting company makes it sure that no one else out there o the World Wide Web can have your registered domain name on their site. A good web hosting company guarantees around 98% availability of your web page. 3. Benefits...

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Why To Choose Real Hosting Reviews to find your next Hosting Provider?

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With the hosting market becoming a land of lucrative opportunities, finding and hosting with the enterprise has become a sky challenge. With so many options and a single decision, there are considerable chances that you could make the wrong decision. But the situation has changed. Now you can make your informed decision about the hosting market, with the right web hosting review. At , you can find the trusted reviews collected over hundred of real users. As there are lesser chances that all those Internet users could...

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What is the best way to start a WordPress blog?

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Read my answer below or feel free to contribute with your own answer.

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What is the best free web hosting site?

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Hey guys, I am a web developer interested in hosting my clients’ websites. To be more explicit, I am a beginner web developer looking for a web host with the option to have unlimited resources, without paying anything for it is there such a thing? Also, if such a host really exists, ca someone here assure me that there will never be any ads or popups that will show up on my website? I’ll appreciate any suggestions! Thanks,...

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How to prevent automated multiple hits to website with .htaccess?

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I have a website built with WordPress and hosted on Bluehost servers. Given the fact that Awstats provides very useful information about the visits on my website, I use it for some time to track my web site statistics. The problem is that from time to time throughout the day I see too many IPs using a lot of bandwidth and significantly reduce the connection speed. I’m sure there are some bad bots (most IPs are from China) that use my bandwith so I am looking for a way to block it using .httacces. I know several different ways in which I...

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How to disable magic_quotes_gpc in .htaccess file?

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Hey guys, I think web hosting tech support is not being helpful at all, so maybe someone here can help me. Here’s my problem: I just installed Joomla 3 (latest version) and have noticed the following error message, when I want to log in: "Your host needs to disable magic_quotes_gpc to run this version of Joomla!" I just contacted Godaddy regarding this and they said that they do have magic_quotes_gpc enabled for all their servers, and it is not an option to turn it off. Could someone please tell me how to turn off magic_quotes_gpc on my...

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How to set up a subdomain?

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Hi, I need to set up a subdomain to create a new section for my website. I’ve been trying for a while now and I don’t know how to do it… Would one of you please be kind enough to give me the steps, one by one? I am not so stupid, I’ve added a subdomain an hour ago, but still can’t access it in my browser Thank you in advance!

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What’s a good ping response time for your site?

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I pinging my server but dont know what I should be looking for Can anyone please help me? Just want to know what you think is a good result and why. Thanks guys!

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How to stop/block a site from grabbing/getting my articles?

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can anyone please tell me how I can stop a website from grabbing my articles to his site? in couple of minutes after I post my article in my site this appears in the other site. thanks

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How to remove "Reported Attack Page"?

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Hi, I have a website built with WordPress and hosted with Indeed a few weeks ago it has been attacked and some malware software has been installed on the server. However, I did delete all content and there is no files there. So, there is no website there, no files and definitely no viruses!! This warning appears only in Mozilla Firefox, probably because this browser have a relationship with Google. But I have notified Google about this and there are no issues from their sides.. Can anyone please tell me what can be done to...

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