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Do I need a web host?

We don’t know, do you? Given the fact that you are here on WH Questions reading our help on web hosting, we would guess that you do. You picked a domain name, you created a website, now you need somewhere to put it, so everyone can see and appreciate it, maybe buy something from you.

If you do not have your own personal server, then you must do like the rest of us and seek out a good web hosting company to host your site. That’s what WH Questions is all about – it is our mission to help you find the best web hosting solution for your particular needs.

Choosing a host for your website should not be taken lightly. Once committed, it becomes a real headache to move elsewhere – not to mention the damage that can be done to your business if you make the wrong choice. This makes it very important to “get it right the first time”. Find out as much as you can about your prospective host before making any decisions!

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